Cumbria Education Trust

Cumbria Education Trust is a growing multi-academy trust which currently comprises three secondary and four primary academies. We are committed to building an exceptional learning environment for all of the students and pupils who attend our schools, and a supportive, collaborative working environment for our staff, which enables professional development and facilitates great outcomes. Our vision is to enable every young person to reach their potential and achieve the success they deserve by providing an innovative and inspiring learning experience. 

At the heart of the organisation are the principles of: Respect, Responsibility and Resilience. Our aim is to ensure that continuous improvement is at the very centre of all that we do, and we set ourselves the goal of delivering year-on-year improvement in all our academies. That is the foundation that will support our pupils to be the best that they can be. And we make the same promise to our staff – we are all learning, all of the time, and working in a collaborative, ambitious environment is the ideal opportunity to realise your own professional potential.

We work hard to engage and involve the community in our academies. We want our schools to be an active and central part of each of their local communities and believe that they have an important part to play in the wider social and economic regeneration of Cumbria.

We place real value on the unique identity and character of each of our academies and work to ensure that we tailor our approach to local needs and circumstances. But we also look to instil a shared vision and values across all the academies in the Trust.

We operate with a student-centred approach which values relationships and respect for others:

  • Inspiring learning – creating a happy, positive and vibrant learning environment for ALL pupils/students.
  • Achieving success – enabling every pupil/student to reach their potential by providing high quality teaching.
  • Creating opportunities – broadening children’s experiences and opportunities.
  • Empowering communities – working in partnership with the local community to bring education alive for all.

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we set ourselves the goal of delivering year-on-year improvement in all our academies. 

Be the best you can be!
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